Jacob Rees Mogg takes on UNICEF

In yet another sorry affair in the world of British politics, the processes of which leave any reasonable, sane minded person perplexed and shaking their heads with disgust, the news today that a senior Tory had gone to war with a branch of the United Nations for the apparent crime of pledging to support and feed children that the current British administration have allowed to go hungry.

Jacob Rees Mogg, the Leader of the House of Commons (For those of you that live outside of Britain, this title means apparently nothing really anymore — only that you get to pontificate with absurd and increasingly irrational arguments) accused UNICEF of “playing politics” and called their pledge to provide food support to millions of the poorest children in the U.K over the Christmas period a “political stunt of the lowest order.”

Rees Mogg, who co-founded a hedge fund business and so is unlikely to be short of a few bob, declared that UNICEF “should be ashamed of themselves.” Which is pretty rich considering it is his government's food poverty mess that UNICEF is attempting to help control. You’d think as a man whose (unfunny) gimmick is being excessively old fashioned, you’d think he’d be well acquainted with Dickensian levels of poverty.

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